“Risk everything, give everything right until the very end.” Matthew Pinsent, winner of four Olympic gold medals

Well welcome to my first official blog post and please excuse the unusual title, but read on and all will be revealed!

I will be posting three times a week,  so I was thinking Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I decided to look for inspiration in a fantastic little book that I bought a number of years ago called “A Journal of Hope”.  It really is awesome and I find inspiration for all sorts of things in there.  Anyway, my first title I feel is fitting because when you are starting a new business or changing direction in an existing one, whether that be as a Virtual Administrator or in any other field, you really do need to do just what Matthew Pinsent suggests.

Anyway that’s my two penneth on that subject, but please check back regularly for more inspirational quotes, because I have 365 of them to work through ;-). I’ll probably use one each day but in addition to that I’d love to have Monday’s as a problem solving day, so if you’ve got a business problem, large or small that you just can’t fathom then please ask and I’ll do my utmost to find a solution. In reality it is sometimes the little things that really infuriate us and it isn’t until we seek assistance that we realise that there are some really simple solutions out there. Mind you information overload is a real problem in this fast paced virtual world and I’ll be covering that and some ways to deal with it in a forthcoming post. With regard to the problem solving I’ll either do a training tutorial on it for my Monday’s post or find some another inventive way of supplying the information. Watch this space.

Then Friday’s I thought could be quite light hearted and I’ll probably look for inspiration in the press as it’s always useful to keep up to date with current affairs and lets face it, who wants to a read a great long post on a Friday?