“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not come. We have only today. Let us begin.” Mother Teresa

What a great quote, from a truly inspirational woman and it goes really well with today’s blog subject, which is about taking the plunge and starting your own company. You’re probably wondering what has inspired me to write this blog and the answer is that my inspiration came from two different areas, an email and an awesome online course.  The initial inspiration was an email I received this morning about a girl who quit her job.  I decided to use the contents of the email to create a fun little video for you.  Just click on the blog picture below to watch it.


Quitting Your Job And Working For Yourself from Nicky Somers on Vimeo.

As you can see, the video isn’t really about working for yourself, but it does demonstrate some of the frustrations that people come across in the world of employment.  I took the plunge fairly recently and haven’t looked back.  However, I was extremely fortunate to win a place on the awesome VA Apprentice, which has really transformed my business and on that note I have some great news.


There is an amazing special offer on this awesome course:

If you’re ambitious, and you would like to consider making a living via the internet with your own online service provider company, there’s no better way to get started and fast-track your success than with “The Virtually Anywhere Apprentice.”

The VA apprentice is a cutting-edge “Learning, Implementation and Coaching programme,” designed specifically for anyone with either virtual assistant/service provider skills, and/or management and leadership skills. The programme will guide you through a complete 6-figure business model, including the processes, techniques and systems you will need, and how to use them plus much, much more…

If you’re looking for a realistic way to become an independent online entrepreneur, and you would like “5 Star” creative and technical support from a highly skilled team of virtual professionals to get you there – fast, “The VA Apprentice” is a complete solution.  At the end of the programme you will have everything you need to start doing business immediately, and ongoing access to the secure member’s area for continuous support and guidance throughout the development of your business.

No other course or programme online is as content rich, and committed to your success.

To find out more, please visit our Training Page where you will find details of how to save $300 off the already very reasonable cost of this course.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog or if you know of anyone who SHOULD be running their own business please share this blog with them, so that they can get cracking 😉

  • Tracy

    Great post Nicky – well done x