“Always find a positive from a negative. Every situation has a solution.” – Alec Stewart

– Well it’s Monday and as such a problem solving day. I have been doing an awful lot of research recently on Social Media Marketing and Facebook in particular. As those of you who are following my blog will know, I wrote about this very subject on Friday of last week. Today I have, I am afraid become a little sidetracked. Anybody who knows me will know that I used to work for a sailing company called Creightons. I loved that boat with a passion and I can honestly say that she touched the heart of everybody who came into contact with her.

Yesterday, I became aware that she is being used in an awesome project by some wonderful people who want to make beautiful waves. They say on their website that:

“This project is not to create or identify victims of global climate change. It is already in the minds of too many people that the climate changes affect “others” and not “us”.

The aim of this project is to touch the heart of humanity and bring to the world’s attention voices of leadership from those cultures, celebrating their wisdoms and revealing the precious knowledge that they possess, particularly on the subject of living in harmony with nature. The regatta will be a beautiful spectacle of colour, with the racing yachts designed in traditional art heading off on this world tour for natural world awareness.”

My post today was going to be about the problem of creating effective and interesting profile pictures for business pages but I have spent the day creating two new profile pictures for this wonderful mission so instead of going into great detail about how to create them, I will post the two I have created today here and just let you know the dimensions etc.

The one on the left is for Creightons Story and the one on the right is for Ocean Story

The optimum size for a facebook profile picture is 180px wide by 540px high.  It is now possible to scale the image to fit as a thumbnail but for images such as the ones I have created that doesn’t really work as you end up not being able to read anything.  This being the case what you really need to do, if you’re going to utilise the whole 180×540 is to have an area within that that is 150px x 150px  that you would like to use as your thumbnail.

The images above were created using Gimp, an awesome free tool.  There are some fantastic tuturials on Gimp already available on the internet but if anybody wants me to do a quick training video please just ask.

Hope you all had great weekends.  Bye for now.