“I understand that if you set out to be a celebrity, then you asked for it, but all I wanted to be was an actor” – Gwyneth Paltrow

– Well it’s Friday and I promised that I’d post something from the News each Friday.  I was going to do something on Britain’s Got Talent but to be honest, with it being on EVERY night this week I thought people might be a little overloaded with that already and when I was preparing my material I came across something my good friend Fanta Tikole had tweeted, which was about the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow has this week joined the masses on Facebook and Twitter.  Obviously, her celebrity status has helped but I wanted to let you know that she joined them both yesterday (01-06-11) and at the time of writing this article (02-06-11 23:28) she had, wait for it….

60,860 fans on Facebook and

78,165 Twitter followers

(and what’s more those figures kept growing as I wrote – click on Facebook and Twitter above to see how many she’s at now).  No matter which way you look at it, this is staggering and to be fair not something we can aspire to in our Social Media Marketing but it does go to show how big this thing is.  I have a silver lining for you though 😉 and that is that it doesn’t always pay to be a celebrity as I eventually found Gwyneth’s profiles via a newspaper article that was written about her but if you search on the social media sites there are hundreds of pages claiming to be her that obviously aren’t.  Trouble is they too have thousands of followers.  So just think if you were too big, people would be trying to imitate you and your customers might inadvertently follow a fake.

I will be doing a series of blog posts on Social Media Marketing and how you can get the most out of it but for now, enjoy Friday and have a great weekend.