About Nicky


Hi I’m Nicky Somers, Owner of Somerstime.

I set my Virtual Assistant business up to assist other business owners in achieving their goals of getting the satisfaction and reward from their businesses that they anticipated when they first started doing business.


I have over twenty years of experience in various fields of expertise where I have utilised both online and offline secretarial, managerial and administrative skills.  You will find that I am extremely passionate about everything that I involve myself in and I love to ‘go the extra mile.’


I am hard working and dedicated, and my greatest strengths are honesty and integrity.


I will not undertake a task unless I know for certain I can meet the deadlines, and not only this but meet or exceed your expectations as well.


I have a very strong work ethic, especially regarding personal accountability and the feeling of pride in my business – and this always carries through into any work that I undertake.


I am both creative and diligent and totally understand the importance of trust and open-mindedness in business, and I am very much looking forward to being a proactive and contributory extension of your business, and your team.


We have many areas of expertise at Somerstime and would be very happy to discuss your specific requirements, and how we can assist you.


You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Google +