Appointments & Consultations


Are exceptionally easy to book and are the best way to speak with Nicky.

We cater for clients all over the world and therefore have appointments throughout the day, in the evenings and even on Saturdays to ensure that we have an appointment slot available that works for you.


FREE Online Constultations

There are two options available to you during the booking process. These is the Initial Consultation, which lasts half an hour and the hour long Premium Consultation. Currently, during our launch phase, we are offering both for FREE but please note that the Premium Consultation usually costs £60.00. We recommend that you always have an Initial Consultation first as the information gathered during this process is then used if you decide to take things further and move on to a Premium Consultation. Below is a little bit of information on each type of Consultation.


Initial Consultation – 1/2 hour

This consultation consists of an informal chat so that Nicky can help you ascertain the areas in your business that you require assistance with. She will be able to make suggestions and together you will decide whether Somerstime and your company are a good fit and whether we can assist you. Should you decide to proceed you would then book a Premium Consultation.


Premium Consultation – 1 hour

This is a much more in depth discussion about the actual processes currently in place and the pluses and minuses of those, from your perspective. We will often ask you to complete a short questionnaire prior to this consultation so that we can really understand your company and ensure that we make the best recommendations.
Once you have scheduled a consultation with Nicky you will receive a confirmation email.  You will need to follow the instructions within the email. There is a short video on our info page explaining how to book and what each consultation involves. Please feel free to view it before you book by clicking here Somerstime Consultations


The consultation can be booked in any of the following ways:


Phone Consultations (Landline)

Nicky will call you at the specified time to discuss your requirements.


Skype (Call) Consultations

As part of the booking process, you will be asked to provide your Skype ID, which Nicky will use to call you at your preferred time.


Skype (IM) Consultations

As part of the booking process, you will be asked to provide your Skype ID, which Nicky will use to instant message you at your preferred time.