Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Virtual Assistant?

There is a common description of what a Virtual Assistant is, also known as a “VA” on my home page – but from my point of view, a VA is a highly-skilled, independent contractor who provides executive and administrative support and specialist services to small/medium sized Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Managers, worldwide.

We use the Internet and other modern technology, which we strive to stay current in, to enable us to seamlessly support our clients no matter where in the world they happen to be. Ongoing education in all aspects of serving and managing business is the backbone of a successful VA practice. As a professional VA, I am always seeking new tools and techniques to not only make my business successful, but also my clients’ businesses too.


What are the benefits of using a VA?

There are many benefits to using a VA. You get an expert, a professional business owner who is proactive and highly-skilled for considerably less than a much less well skilled member of staff. You will not need to purchase any equipment for your VA, as most of us have our own fully equipped offices with access to up-to-date software and equipment. There are no employee costs to pay and you literally pay for the time your VA has worked on your tasks, assignments or projects.


What are the benefits of partnering with a VA over using a temp?

Unlike temps, VAs form long-term partnerships with their clients in a dedicated effort to help them successfully manage and grow their businesses. Because we are partners in business rather than employers/employees, we have a vested interest in the growth of your business. Our success is measured by your success!


Isn’t hiring a VA more expensive than hiring an employee?

At first glance a VA does appear to be more expensive, but firstly a VA and an on-site Administrative Assistant or employee aren’t actually the same thing, as a VA has a vested interest in ensuring that any work that they do for you assists you in ensuring that your business flourishes. An employee on the other hand is less likely to be as dedicated to your business. Secondly, with any employee there are numerous other costs including benefits, taxes, social security, sick pay etc…

So, when just comparing rates it appears that a VA is indeed more expensive than an employee, but in real terms a) you get more for your money and b) even an employee who is paid under £10 per hour is actually more expensive than a £30 per hour VA.


How do you charge for your services?

We offer a no obligation, free consultation and then, should you decide to go ahead we charge by the hour or per project, depending upon the task. For those wishing to utilise our services on a regular basis we offer various packages, which are discounted against our usual hourly rate. Full details of our rates can be found on our rates page.


I already have staff, can a VA work with my team?

Adding a VA to your team is not an “either, or” proposition. In other words, a VA doesn’t need to replace your in-house assistant or other team members. A VA can work in tandem with your office staff; enhancing your team. By taking the administration away from your in-house staff you free them up to concentrate on their areas of expertise.


How does it work – implementation, communication, project delivery?

The first thing that happens is that we arrange a consultation, where we will discuss your needs and budget. Our business hours are 09:00 until 17:00, Monday to Friday but it’s often more convenient for potential clients to discuss matters outside of these hours and this is always an option. Once we have jointly decided that we are a good fit we will confirm the details of our conversation by email and send a contract to you for E-signing. A deposit will then be taken and work can commence. The full consultation prior to work commencing enables us to learn how you and your business work best so that we can structure a plan to meet your criteria.